Saudi Visa for Spanish Citizens: A Comprehensive Guide

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with its rich cultural heritage, breathtaking landscapes, and economic opportunities, has become a popular destination for travellers from around the world. Spanish citizens, in particular, have shown increased interest in visiting this Middle Eastern country for various purposes, including tourism, business, and religious pilgrimages. Navigating the visa application process can be complex, so this guide aims to provide detailed information on how Spanish citizens can obtain a Saudi visa. SAUDI VISA FOR SPANISH CITIZENS

Types of Saudi Visas Available for Spanish Citizens

When planning a trip to Saudi Arabia, Spanish citizens must first determine the type of visa that best suits their purpose of travel. The most common types of Saudi visas include:

Tourist Visa: This visa is ideal for those who wish to explore Saudi Arabia’s historical sites, cultural landmarks, and natural beauty. The introduction of the eVisa has simplified the process for tourists.

Business Visa: For those travelling to Saudi Arabia for business meetings, conferences, or commercial activities, the business visa is appropriate. It requires an invitation from a Saudi company.

Work Visa: Spanish citizens who have secured employment in Saudi Arabia need a work visa, which is issued in collaboration with the employer.

Family Visit Visa: This visa allows Spanish citizens to visit their family members residing in Saudi Arabia.

Hajj and Umrah Visas: These visas are specifically for Muslims who wish to perform the religious pilgrimages of Hajj or Umrah. They have specific application periods and requirements.

Student Visa: For those planning to study in Saudi educational institutions, a student visa is necessary.

Tourist Visa Application Process

The Saudi tourist visa, introduced as part of the Vision 2030 initiative, has made it easier for Spanish citizens to visit the country. Here’s a step-by-step guide to the application process:

Eligibility Check: Ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria, such as having a valid Spanish passport with at least six months’ validity from the date of entry.

eVisa Application: The eVisa application can be completed online through the official Saudi eVisa portal. Applicants need to fill out personal information, travel details, and upload necessary documents.

Payment of Fees: The eVisa processing fee must be paid online. The fee varies depending on the duration and type of visa.

Processing Time: Once the application is submitted, it typically takes a few days for processing. Applicants will receive their eVisa via email.

Travel to Saudi Arabia: With the eVisa in hand, Spanish citizens can travel to Saudi Arabia. It’s essential to carry a printed copy of the eVisa and all relevant documents.

Business Visa Requirements and Application

For Spanish citizens travelling to Saudi Arabia for business purposes, the following steps outline the business visa application process:

Invitation Letter: Obtain an invitation letter from a Saudi company. The letter should include details about the visit, including the purpose and duration of the stay.

Visa Application Form: Complete the visa application form available on the Saudi embassy’s website.

Supporting Documents: Gather the necessary supporting documents, including a valid Spanish passport, recent passport-sized photographs, and proof of business activities.

Submission: Submit the application form and supporting documents to the Saudi embassy or consulate in Spain.

Processing Time: The processing time for a business visa can vary, so it’s advisable to apply well in advance of the planned travel dates. SAUDI VISA FOR SWEDISH CITIZENS

Work Visa Application Process

Securing a work visa for Saudi Arabia involves collaboration between the Spanish citizen and their Saudi employer. Here’s a breakdown of the process:

Job Offer: Obtain a job offer from a Saudi employer. The employer will act as the sponsor and initiate the visa process.

Visa Application: The employer submits a work visa application to the Saudi Ministry of Labor and Social Development.

Work Permit Approval: Once the work permit is approved, the employer sends the approval to the employee.

Medical Examination: Undergo a medical examination at an accredited medical center in Spain.

Visa Stamping: Submit the medical report, passport, and other required documents to the Saudi embassy or consulate for visa stamping.

Travel to Saudi Arabia: With the work visa stamped on the passport, the Spanish citizen can travel to Saudi Arabia and begin their employment.

Family Visit Visa Details

Spanish citizens wishing to visit family members residing in Saudi Arabia can apply for a family visit visa. Here’s how:

Invitation from Family: Obtain an invitation from the family member residing in Saudi Arabia. The invitation should be authenticated by the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Visa Application: Complete the visa application form and gather required documents, including a valid passport, photographs, and proof of relationship.

Submission: Submit the application and supporting documents to the Saudi embassy or consulate.

Processing Time: Processing times can vary, so it’s advisable to apply well in advance.

Hajj and Umrah Visa Guidelines

For Muslims in Spain planning to perform Hajj or Umrah, the visa process has specific requirements:

Eligibility: Ensure eligibility based on Saudi regulations, which include being a practicing Muslim and adhering to specific health and vaccination requirements.

Application Period: Apply within the designated application periods for Hajj (which is time-specific) or Umrah (available year-round except during Hajj season).

Authorised Travel Agents: Hajj and Umrah visas must be applied for through authorized travel agents in Spain.

Supporting Documents: Provide necessary documents such as a valid passport, photographs, and proof of vaccination.

Travel Arrangements: Ensure travel arrangements, including flights and accommodation, are coordinated through the authorised travel agent.

Student Visa Application Process

Spanish students aspiring to study in Saudi Arabia need to follow these steps:

Acceptance Letter: Secure an acceptance letter from a Saudi educational institution.

Visa Application: Complete the student visa application form available on the Saudi embassy’s website.

Supporting Documents: Provide necessary documents, including a valid passport, acceptance letter, financial proof, and medical examination report.

Submission: Submit the application and documents to the Saudi embassy or consulate.

Processing Time: The processing time for student visas can vary, so early application is recommended.

General Tips for a Successful Visa Application

Navigating the Saudi visa application process can be challenging. Here are some general tips to ensure a smooth application:

Check Requirements: Always check the latest visa requirements and guidelines on the official Saudi embassy or consulate website.

Document Accuracy: Ensure all information and documents are accurate and complete to avoid delays or rejections.

Apply Early: Apply well in advance of your intended travel date to accommodate any potential delays.

Seek Assistance: If unsure about any part of the process, seek assistance from authorized travel agents or the Saudi embassy.

Stay Informed: Keep informed about any changes in visa regulations or requirements.

Travel Tips for Spanish Citizens Visiting Saudi Arabia

Once the visa is secured, it’s essential to prepare for the trip to Saudi Arabia. Here are some travel tips:

Cultural Sensitivity: Saudi Arabia has a rich cultural heritage and strict social norms. Respect local customs, dress modestly, and be mindful of religious practices.

Health Precautions: Ensure all necessary vaccinations are up to date. It’s also advisable to carry a basic medical kit.

Legal Awareness: Familiarise yourself with local laws and regulations to avoid any legal issues.

Currency and Expenses: The Saudi Riyal (SAR) is the official currency. It’s advisable to carry some local currency and be aware of banking facilities.

Emergency Contacts: Keep a list of emergency contacts, including the Spanish embassy in Saudi Arabia, local authorities, and personal contacts.


Obtaining a Saudi visa for Spanish citizens involves a series of well-defined steps that vary depending on the purpose of travel. Whether it’s for tourism, business, work, family visits, religious pilgrimages, or study, understanding the requirements and following the application process meticulously can ensure a successful visa experience. By adhering to the guidelines and being well-prepared, Spanish citizens can enjoy their visit to Saudi Arabia, experiencing its unique blend of tradition and modernity.




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